Dr Freckelton QC  is:

*  the Editor of the Journal of Law and Medicine (1993 –  ), launched on the Gold Coast by Professor Chappell, then of the Australian Institute of Criminology )

* the Editor-in-Chief of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (1994 – 2020),Founding Editor and Editor-at-Large (2020-  )

* an Editorial Board Member of the Tort Law Review (2019-   )

* an Editorial Board Member of Forensic Sciences (2020 –    )

* an Advisory Board Member of the Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences (2010 –    )

* an Advisory Board Member of the New Zealand Journal of Family Law.


He has previously served on the editorial committes of:

* the Legal Service Bulletin / Alternative Law Journal

* Law in Context

* Behavioral Sciences and the Law

* the International Journal of Law and Mental Health

* the Open Law Journal

* Ethics, Medicine and Public Health 

* an Editorial Board Member of the Deakin Law Review (2010-2020)

*  Victorian Bar News