This is the website of Ian Freckelton AO QC

Ian Freckelton is an experienced Queen’s Counsel in full time practice as a barrister throughout Australia;  a judge of the Supreme Court in Nauru;  a board and committee member; an investigator of allegations of misconduct; a professor of law, psychiatry and forensic medicine; a fellow of learned academies; a journal editor; a speaker at international gatherings; an author, editor and book reviewer; and a scholarly traveller. He has been a Commissioner at the Victorian Law Reform Commission, a President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, been a member of many statutory tribunals and has held a variety of international positions.

On these pages you will find information about Dr Freckelton, in particular about his:

• practice as a Queen’s Counsel at the Victorian Bar;

workplace investigations

• judicial work in Nauru;

• work on tribunals;

academic work;

training work;

• other appointments and scholarly involvements in Australia and internationally;

publications, including books, monographs, looseleaf services, articles and chapters;

journals that he edits and on whose editorial board he has a position;

speeches and addresses he has given in Australia and internationally;

•  contact options.

You are welcome to make contact with Dr Freckelton QC, including to book him for cases through his clerk (Foley’s, 03 92257777, http://www.foleys.com.au),

or in relation to issues that interest or concern you: I.Freckelton@vicbar.com.au