Victorian Bar Appointments


2016-2021: Member, Victorian Bar Council

2016-2019: Member, Victorian Bar Ethics Committee

2017-2021: Victorian Bar Audit and Finance Committee

2019-2020: Victorian Bar Pro Bono Committee

2020-2021: Victorian Bar Counsel Committee (Chair)

2016- 2018: Victorian Supreme Court Library Committee

2017: Victorian Bar CPD Committee

2011-2016: Representative of the Criminal Bar Association to the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences (Victorian Chapter)

2011-: Sometime instructor on Expert Evidence and Moot Court Assessor for the Victorian Bar Readers’ Course

2010-2013: Chair, List R (Howells, incorporating Lawrence’s List)

2010-2016: Member, Professional Standards Committee

2007 – : Participation (irregular)  in the Readers Course as moot court judge

2007 : Chair, Bar sub-committee on Sterilisation of Intellectually Disabled Minors

2007- 2010 : Member of the Bar Care Subcommittee

2007- 2010: Member of the Human Rights Committee

2007- 2009 : Member of the Victorian Bar News Committee

2006-2010 Member, List Committee: List R (Howells)

2004 : Bar nominee to the DoHS Children’s Court legislation review

2002 : Bar nominee to the County Court Expert Evidence Committee

1993-1996: Bar nominee to National Institute of Forensic Science