Dr Freckelton has provided training to many groups in relation to Expert Evidence and Expert Reports, including to the following:

Forensic Medical Officers’ Annual Conference, Wodonga 1991, “Expert Evidence by Police Surgeons”

Australian Institute of Criminology, Law, Medicine and Criminal Justice, Surfers’ Paradise, 1993, “Expert Evidence by Medical Practitioners”

IBC Conference on Medical Negligence, Sydney, 1994, “Expert Evidence by Specialist Doctors”

Forensic Accounting Group Meeting, Melbourne, 1994, “Expert Evidence by Accountants”

IBC Conference on Fetal Distress, Sydney, 1995, “Expert Medical Evidence in Cases of Foetal Distress”

University of Otago, Medical School Grand Round, Dunedin, 1995, “Expert Medical Evidence”

Ernst & Young, Melbourne, 1995, Sydney, 1996, Melbourne 1997, Melbourne 1998, May 2000, September 2002, December 2002, “Presentation of Expert Accountant Evidence”

NSW Public Defenders’ Office, Sydney, 1995, “Cross-Examining the Expert Witness”

AIC Conference on Law and Medicine, Sydney, 1996, “The Doctor as Defendant and Witness”

Environmental Protection Authority, Melbourne, 1996, “Avoiding Investigative and Evidentiary Pitfalls”

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons, Melbourne, 1996, “Access to Medical Information”

Australian and New Zealand Association of Occupational Hygienists, Perth, 1996, “Investigating Effectively and Lawfully as an Occupational Hygienist”

Australian and New Zealand Association of Occupational Hygienists, Perth, 1996, “Occupational Hygienists in the Witness Box”

Australian Medical Association, Melbourne, 1996, Sydney 1997, Sydney 1997, Brisbane 1998, Melbourne October 1998, Sydney October 1998, Sydney, March 1999, Melbourne, November 1999, Melbourne, May 2000, October 2000, November 2000, Brisbane June 2001 “Expert Evidence by Medical Practitioners”

National Institute of Forensic Science, Office of the Status of Women and Women’s Health & Sexual Assault Education Unit (NSW), Sydney, 1997, “Management of Sexual Assault: Expert Evidence by Doctors”

Mental Health Legal Centre, Melbourne, 1997, “Preparation for Mental Health Review Board Hearings”

Environment Protection Authority, Melbourne, 1997, “Report Writing and Preparation for Cross-Examination as an Environmental Scientist”

Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, Adelaide, October 1998, “Scientists as Experts”

Financial and Consumer Rights Council, Problem Gambling Training Professional Development, “Expert Evidence by Gambling Counsellors”, Sydney, May 1998, June 1998

Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, Melbourne, April 1998, “Representing the Mentally Ill Before Mental Health Review Tribunals”

Australian and New Zealand College of Paediatricians, “Paediatricians as Expert Witnesses”, October 1999

\Australian and New Zealand Emergency Medicine Practitioners, “A & E Doctors as Experts” January 2000

Forensic Accounting Special Interest Group of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia, Sydney, November 2000; Brisbane, November 2000, Melbourne, November 2000, Sydney, December 2000, March 2001; Perth, April 2001; Adelaide August 2001, Sydney, September 2006

Australian Psychological Society/ Tasmanian Psychologists Registration Board, Record Keeping by Psychologists, Launceston, Hobart, Tasmania, May 2002

AMA Queensland and Shieldcorp, Writing Reports, Brisbane, June 2002

Insolvency Practitioners, Writing Reports and Being an Expert Witness, Sydney, March 2002, March 2003

Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association, Expert Evidence, Sydney, May 2008

Paediatricians, “Expert Evidence”, Brisbane, April 2010

Grant Thornton, Expert Evidence”, Melbourne, February 2011

Dr Freckelton can be contacted in relation to requests for him to conduct further workshops on these or asssociated subjects.